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Welcome to York Design and Fabrication, LLC.       


Welcome to our website.  Our names are Scott York and Dave York, we are brothers, and both of us reside just north of Cincinnati, Ohio where we raise our families and enjoy a vast network of friends.  We have a combined 50 + years of professional experience with an emphasis in machining, design for manufacturing and quality.  We started selling product approximately 10 years ago from an eBay store named York Fabrication and our products have been displayed at the Cincinnati, Dayton, Lexington and Louisville boat shows.         

In this short time we have grown, produced a new product for CNC users as well as Aviation enthusiasts and changed our name to York Design and Fabrication, LLC.  We are the designers and manufacturers of our products.   

Both of us look forward to doing business with you! Please contact York Design and Fabrication, LLC if you have an interest in learning more about us, our products and distribution opportunities.

Review our Cat Claw 40 information below:

What is it?   The “Cat Claw 40” is a tool specifically designed for use in conjunction with CNC milling machines and their respective CAT 40 tool holders. 


What is the intent?  The “Cat Claw 40” facilitates the operator with tool changes.  Machine operators can safely make the necessary tool change without removing the tool holder from the machine.


Time savings?  Time is always a priority in the fast paced production world we live in and one of the few areas where one can find that competitive edge.  We can assure you that using the “Cat Claw 40” as your new method for changing tools will save valuable TIME.


The “Cat Claw 40” has been designed, tested and proven to allow the machine operator freedom to SAFELY change tools without removing the CAT 40 tool holder from the machine.   Check out our short video of a tool change using the "Cat Claw 40".  

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Scott and Dave York