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1-7/8" + 2-1/4" Shaft Packing Wrench Combo Set for Boats

Price: $58.95
Manufacturer: York Design and Fabrication, LLC

2-1/4" Shaft Packing Wrench, made out of 3/8" thick Billet Aluminum (Blue Anodized).

-----This is a Stub Wrench for the 2.250" Stuffing Box Packing Gland.

-----Fits hardware that is 2-1/4" across flats

2-1/4" Wrench with one 1/4" Hole to allow it to be mounted in the area of the Stuffing Box.

-----This 2-1/4" tool was initially released for a customers "Rudder Stuffing Box" made by: Buck Algonquin

1-7/8" Shaft Packing Wrench for Inboards, made out of 3/8" thick Aluminum (Blue Anodized).

-----This is a Stub Wrench for the hard to reach 1.875" Stuffing Box Packing Gland, and an inexpensive solution before purchasing the Self-Adjusting Packing Nut.

-----1-7/8" Wrench with one 3/8" "Square" Hole for an extension wrench, and one 9/16" "Square" Hole for the Drain Plug.

-----Fits hardware that is 1-7/8" across flats

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